Discounted Products Page

Discounted Products Page

The following will be a bunch of hand-picked products that not only do we find to be essential in helping to save someone’s life, but we’ll also price them well below what the manufacturer’s are charging! For now we have two products that we find extremely useful!

Would you perform CPR on someone you don’t know?

If someone were bleeding, would you still touch them?

Would you put your mouth on someone else’s


If you are not sure, this is for you!
CPR rescue key chain mask

Here you get a CPR mask with a one-way valve that includes a pair of disposable gloves. The key chain itself is small and has a Velcro closure. This mask can handle any
emergency, and protects you from everything out there (HIV, Tuberculosis, etc.)

Ask yourself, If you had this, would you perform CPR?

Price – $10.00

CPR mini Rescue and Practice Aid key chain

Here’s a hand-held device that’s also a key chain that actually prompts you on the procedures of CPR for the adult, child, and infant with a loud voice. “Open the airway, tilt head, lift chin, blow.” Great as a reminder of the CPR procedures and perfect for someone who doesn’t know CPR or doesn’t have time for a fun CPR class!

Price – $20.99

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