Our Story

Our Story

First,allow me the time to vent my frustration with the CPR world. As a former Emergency Medical Technician, Lifeguard, healthcare provider, and as the director of Fun CPR Training, it’s obvious I’ve been subjected to the cruelty of taking many mandatory CPR classes. Most of them followed in the other’s footsteps. The class nearly took the whole day, with the student trying to stay awake because of a dry, boring lecture. The student was forced to cram a combination of anatomy, physiology, cardiology, ratios, and numbers into their heads before the end of the class. When it was finally time to be tested, everyone waiting for their turn peered over the shoulder of the person being tested. Worst of all, these students were left with a lack of confidence, unsure that they could help a loved one in a real emergency.

The main problem I’ve noticed about CPR classes is that the instructor spends too much time explaining the physiology of CPR,and not enough time on the application. In other words, three or more hours are spent lecturing, while only a tiny portion of the class is actually hands-on. This is partially due to the fact that only one or two big, expensive mannequins are used for the entire class.

It takes motivated, energetic people to give a great CPR class, which is where we come in. Our belief is that an ideal CPR class is comprehensive yet simple, informative, and inviting. But most importantly, fun! If you take a CPR class with us, we truly believe that it will be the best CPR class that you’ll ever take-ever! Furthermore, because all of our classes provide one mannequin per person, about two thirds of class time is spent on improving your skills with hands-on practice.

Our mission is to offer a CPR class where the student learns a lot, laughs a lot, has fun, and feels confident that they could help anybody in an emergency. Whatever your safety training needs may be, Fun CPR Training is your answer.

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