Client Comments

Client Comment’s

In each of our classes, each student completes an evaluation judging every aspect of the class. Here are some of their comments…

WOW this class was trully FUN CPR… The instructor had a very good sense of humor but professional. I had so much hands on training then I ever did before. I definitely will tell all of my friends and co-workers.

A.R 04/14/12

An Off-Broadway Hit! Took several CPR/FA classes in NYC over the years. This class held near the Theater District gets a five star review; fun, thorough, very easy to re-learn these life saving skills.

R.A 3/9/12

The class was energetic, educational, and NOT boring! I actually learned a lot and feel confident if an emergency were to occur.

E.M 03/08/12

The instructor was GREAT and Super cute!!! He knew all of his info, took his time to answer all of our questions and there was no pressure. I LOVED IT!!!

V.P 02/21/12

The class was so much FUN. The instructor was hilarious and knew his stuff. Very good presentation, straight to the point and certified for another 2 years.

T.A 01/28/12

This class was actually FUN!! I was able to retain the information in a comfortable and entertaining environment. Now I am sure that I can help save a life. Thank you FUN CPR!!!

K.P 06/11/10

Our Instructor was so helpful and made us feel comfortable not like other providers boring with lectures and watching over you while you do the procedures.

A.R 05/26/10

The instructor was very professional yet fun all at the same time. I received a 2 year certification and will return to renew!

Z.A 03/09/10

The Best Class I Ever Had!!! Straight to the point and best prices in the Valley.

M.K 01/07/10

It was GREAT!!! And Yes FUN. This was the BEST CPR class I have ever taken, and my profession requires me to keep updated, so you know I will be back in 2 years and I will let ALL my friends and co-workers know about this great training. Thank You FUN CPR!!!.

D.H 06/10/09

Straight to the point, and very Fun and Interactive. Kept my attention the ENTIRE time. I loved that I had my own manikin and No lines. Quick, Informative, and FUN.

S.J 04/20/09

I enjoyed it very much. It was way more fun compared to all the other boring courses I have taken in the past. I would definitely refer to all and I will be back in two years.

C.M 02/16/09

This course was fun, energetic and not long and boring like all the other ones.

C.P 01/18/09

This class can’t even be compared to a ‘regular’ CPR class.

L.B. 7/6/08

I have a 2 year old at home, and now I am absolutely confident that I could help her in an emergency. That means everything to me, thanks so much.

G.S. 6/14/08

I just wanted to say that the gentlemen that trained my group at our Dental Office, was a day of fun. We learned and we laugh the whole training. I retained the info and could complete all requested demonstrations. If all my renewal courses were this fun, I would now be a scholar of something! Keep up the good work and see you at renewal 8/2009.

D.M 8/07/07

I liked the fact the instructor did make it fun and did not make me feel stressed about taking the class.

E.G. 4/22/07

The one thing I enjoyed most about the class was laughing!.

D.S. 3/17/06

Much more informative with a funny twist! p.s. will highly recommend your class to others.

L.P. 1/04/05

This was my best CPR class ever.

L.T. 3/23/04

I really liked having my own mannequin to work on instead of waiting in line with someone watching over me like other classes.

S.G. 6/21/03

I spent so much time practicing on the ‘dummies’ and in my last class we tinkered with them a little but no real hands-on

J.M. 6/10/00

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