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What Clients Say ?

I spent so much time practicing on the 'dummies' and in my last class we tinkered with them a little but no real hands-on

J.M. 6/10/00

I really liked having my own mannequin to work on instead of waiting in line with someone watching over me like other classes.

S.G. 6/21/03

This was my best CPR class ever.

L.T. 3/23/04

Much more informative with a funny twist! p.s. will highly recommend your class to others.

L.P. 1/04/05

The one thing I enjoyed most about the class was laughing!

D.S. 3/17/06

I liked the fact the instructor did make it fun and did not make me feel stressed about taking the class.

E.G. 4/22/07

I just wanted to say that the gentlemen that trained my group at our Dental Office, was a day of fun. We learned and we laugh the whole training. I retained the info and could complete all requested demonstrations. If all my renewal courses were this fun, I would now be a scholar of something! Keep up the good work and see you at renewal 8/2009

D.M 8/07/07

I have a 2 year old at home, and now I am absolutely confident that I could help her in an emergency. That means everything to me, thanks so much

G.S. 6/14/08

This class can't even be compared to a 'regular' CPR class.

L.B. 7/6/08

This course was fun, energetic and not long and boring like all the other ones.

C.P 01/18/09

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